Judy's book :
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Book review. :
If you love jazz, then you know who Wynton Marsalis and Roy Hargrove are. But if you play jazz, then jamming alongside these grandmasters is a dream come true.
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"Jazz near you": One of the things that still makes the Upper West Side (UWS) a cozy place is a street-level restaurant/jazz club on Broadway at 92nd Street known as Cleopatra’s Needle where patrons linger, eat, drink and take in some great jazz sounds day in and day out.
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Late to Jazz, Cleopatra's Needle - This club was recommended to us by my contact at McGraw-Hill, where I review business books for them. She sent me three possibilities, and while Mrs. S was at her concert on Thursday, only staying for the Joshua Bell portion, she told me to pick a restaurant/Jazz club and make the reservations.
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