Cleopatra’s Needle – This club was recommended to us by my contact at McGraw-Hill, where I review business books for them. She sent me three possibilities, and while Mrs. S was at her concert on Thursday, only staying for the Joshua Bell portion, she told me to pick a restaurant/Jazz club and make the reservations.

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We've also been featured in the "Explorer's Guide to New York City" and the "New York at Night" Millenium Edition:

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Cleopatra's Needle has been featured on TVFN's "$40 a day", now available in book form, featuring Rachel Ray's segment with Cleopatra's Needle.
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We also are featured in the New York at Night Guide, Millenium Edition.
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Downbeat Magazine, the world-renowned jazz monthly, featured us in their special "100 Great Jazz Clubs" guide.
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Upper West Side martinis and jazz on the cheap


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Cleopatra's Needle Jam Session